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"The Law Boutique LLC: Professional Solutions for All Your Legal Needs"


The Law Boutique LLC is the perfect legal solution to helping clients achieve their business or personal goals. From start to finish, our tailored approach involves having the client complete an intake form highlighting all their project details, so that we can prepare a custom agreement and quickly begin work.


A Strategy Session with is the first step in any project or client case. During this session, we will listen to the client’s issue, review the facts and provide an initial assessment of the case. TLB will also provide an estimate of the time and resources necessary to complete the project or case, as well as a fee estimate. TLB will also provide an overview of the legal strategy, potential risks and opportunities, and the anticipated timeline for resolution. Should the project or client case strategy require additional research on the subject matter, TLB will re-evaluate the fee to ensure thorough research may be completed. This additional step will likely arise for matters in which the courts have been silent on an issue or where changes since the law’s inception are now a question before the court. TLB is committed to providing the best legal services and strives to ensure that all clients receive the highest level of legal representation.


The Finalize Project Review is an important step during the legal services process. TLB will collaborate with the client to ensure the project is complete and ready for review. During this review, we will review the project and make any necessary changes or adjustments before the project is finalized. TLB will also provide the client with a detailed report outlining the services provided, the results achieved, and any relevant recommendations. Once the project is finalized, the client can review the project and make any necessary changes before final delivery.


At TLB, we understand that the timely delivery of a final work product is paramount to our clients' success. Therefore, we strive to provide the final work product no later than the agreed upon deadline. Should the project require additional time to complete, TLB will notify and communicate the timeline changes to the client. Additionally, TLB will always provide the client with a high quality, comprehensive product that is tailored to the client's specific needs.

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